Munich Climate

Munich Climate

Since Munich is quite far qway from the sea, it has a continental climat, which means: hot summers and cold winters.

Jan to March

Really, really cold, like down to -10 and sometimes -15. It’s mostly dry, so a dump of snow lasts for weeks. If you come at this time, bring a hat, scarf and other warm stuff. It gets really cold!

April to June

April and May weather is variable, there can be showers, drizzly rain, cold weather, warm and it’s generally a bit all over the place. Towards the end of May though, it starts to get nice and you’ll see the street cafe culture starting up.

July to September

Very hot with thunderstorms. The summers in Munich are really hot and much to the annoyance of the beer garden owners frequently there are thunderstorms in the evenings. They usually pass quickly though and don’t dampen spirits.

October to December

Towards the end of the year not surprisingly it gets colder and rainier. If we’re lucky it snows in time for the Christmas markets though the last two years have been annoyingly mild. There is nothing like standing with a mulled wine on crunchy snow looking at the snow flakes falling. Fingers crossed.

So when to come?

My advice to friends it to either come in the winter when it’s nice and cold with snow, so you can go skiing in the nearby Alps, or come in the summer and enjoy the beer-gardens. Spring and Autumn can be a bit depressing.