One of the things that makes Munich so popular is its proximity to the lakes, in German a lake is called a ‘See’.

Starnberger and Tegernsee

The Starnberger See and Tegernsee are to the south and are natural glacial lakes. There are other small ones around like the Steinsee too. Both Starnberger and Tegernsee have bathing areas for the public usually signposted with ‘Erholungsgebiet’ which translates roughly as recovery / relaxation area.



To the north just below the most northern tip of the A99, the ring motorway surrounding Munich is the Feringasee. This is a man made lake designed for bathing, so it has lots of lakeside sunbathing space, is shallow and it also has a pub (Gasthof) on its banks. In the Summer it warms up quickly and in the winter it freezes over quickly making it a good choice to go ice skating of curling. It also has plenty of parking space, plus good access for wheelchairs.

Frozen Feringasee in Winter

Toy Museum

Toy Museum Munich
Toy Museum Munich

The Spielzeugmuseum contains a huge collection of European and American toys worldwide, with dolls, doll houses, trains, aeroplanes, bears, animals and so on.

The display covers four floors of the tower filled with pre gameboy era toys.


Marienplatz 15 80331 München
Tel.: 089 / 29 40 01 Fax: 089 / 271 70 14

Opening Times

Daily (Bank holidays too) 10:00 – 17.30

Admission Prices

Adults 4,00 €
Children (4-15 Y.) 1,00 €
Group ticket (for more than 10 people) € 3 per person


S- und U-Bahn to Marienplatz
Bus 52 bis Marienplatz

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum

The largest museum of technology and natural sciences in the world, with over 13 acres of exhibitions containing invaluable original machines and equipment, models and reconstructions, from classical mechanics to telecommunications, from a full-size reconstructed coal mine to space travel technology.

If you like anything technical in any way, this is the place to head for. You could spend a week in there easily. Great place for children, too!

Deutsches Museum
Deutsches Museum

Permanent exhibitions:

Amateur Radio
Bridge Building
Carriages and Bicycles
Center for New Technologies
Electrical Power
Energy Technology
Hall of Fame
History Deutsches Museum
Hydraulic engineering
Kid’s Kingdom
Machine Components
Machine Tools
Marine Navigation
Mathematical Gallery
Mineral Oil and Natural Gas
Motor Vehicles
Power Machinery
Scientific Instruments
Technical Toys
Textile Technology
Tunnel Construction
Weights and Measures

Munich Hellabrunn Zoo

Hellabrunn Zoo is awesome and a great way to spend the day, it’s also really good value when you consider that you can spend the whole day there. It’s even good on bad weather days thanks to the enclosed areas such as the botanical jungle bubble, aquarium and other indoor areas.

Zoo Hellabrunn
Petting Goats at Zoo Hellabrunn

I go there at least twice a year with my family and it’s pretty much our place to go with the kids on their birthdays. The last time I went I experienced the birds of prey show for the first time which was brilliant, worth seeing.

It is situated on the plains of the river Isar, was established as the world’s first “geo-zoo” in 1928. The natural designed enclosures are the perfect setting for breeding endangered species. Hellabrunn offers its visitores charming views of the animals, similar to animal watching in the wild, unimpeded by fences or bars.

Munich Zoo has several shows where you can watch the animals being fed, or you can ride a horse or camel:

• Elephant Show
• Camel Ride
• Seal Show
• Hawks Show

There are 371 different species with altogether 4000 animals in Munich’s Tierpark Hellabrunn.

Jungle Tent at Munich Zoo
Inside the Jungle Tent at Munich Zoo

This is a view from inside the Jungle dome. Unlike the eco-domes in Cornwall in southern England, this one is teaming with life. It has a variety of birds, iguanas, fish and insects.This is a favourite of mine at the Zoo and the children are kept busy looking for animals, also it’s a great place to warm up on cold days at the Zoo.


Tierparkstr. 30 81543 München
Tel 0049 (0) 89/625080

Opening Times

April – Sept. 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Oct. – March 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Admission Prices

Adults € 12,–
Children between 4 and 14 years
(free for children up to 4 years of age) € 5,-
Schoolchildren older than 15 years of age € 8,50


Wildpark Poing

Wildpark Poing is a great tip if you have children and need a day out. Wildpark Poing was founded in 1959 and lies just outside Munich.

At 570.000 square metres in size, it is home to many wild animals that once were common in the German landscape, wolves, elk, deer and more. The deer and red squirrels will feed out of your hand and there are animal stroking areas, and play areas for the children.


Osterfeldweg 20 85586 Poing
Tel: 0049 (0) 8121 / 80617 Fax: 049 (0) 8121 / 989 014

Opening Times

The park is open all year and dogs are not allowed, even on the leash.

Summer from 01.04. till 01.11. – 9.00 till 17.00
Winter from 02.11. till 30.03. – 11.00 till 16.00

Entrance always from 9.00 on Saturdays, Sundays, school and bank holidays.

Admission Prices

Adults: € 5,50-
Children € 3,50
Reductions € 4,50
Disabled €3,50